Sarum Technologies Inc

Expertise in cloud architecture, devops, and development


Sarum Technologies provides expertise and consulting for enterprises using or moving to public cloud services from Amazon, Microsoft and Google. With many years of experience in cloud architecture and development, Sarum Technologies can help at any stage of your implementation process.

Cloud Architecture

There’s more to cloud migration than simply deploying an application to a rented virtual computer, and Sarum Technologies consultants know this. A scalable and reliable application requires planning and the benefit of experience. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform have subtle and distinct options that may make one a better fit for your business needs than the others. We can help you make the right choice.

Cloud Orchestration

Blue-Green deployments, rolling updates, and federated clusters? Take control with Kubernetes. Sarum Technologies can install and configure a Kubernetes control plane for your applications on AWS, Azure or bare-metal data centers, and assist your development team in getting the maximum benefit from the abstractions provided.


Companies are embracing DevOps practices for development projects, but many lack the experience to assemble a development pipeline from scratch. Sarum Technologies can assist your team, or build a custom pipeline to suit your needs.

Custom Development

Sarum Technologies consultants have decades of experience creating and maintaining web and mobile applications. Back-end services, data design, and user interfaces will be developed to your requirements, and delivered on-time and on-budget through a combination of onshore and offshore talent. Already using an offshore team? Keep your costs low, but quality high, by leveraging Sarum Technologies to help manage your offshore team investment.